Used Books

GENRA: Horror
TARKET MARKET: General Audience

Logline: A college student drops off some used books at a small town used bookstore that leads a psychopathic killer to her dorm making her and her friend’s the killers next prey on a deserted campus.


Sun rises over a small college town. LEAH FELDMAN, early 20’s, has a passion for books. Before college break Leah drops off books at The Book Barn, a local used book store. In one book she leaves behind her goth roommate, FAITH SHAW’s, registration form that leads MAX GARDNER, a psychopathic killer, early 50’s, to her dorm room. Max, a first grade school teacher, rummages through The Book Barn for items that leads him first to TRACY HARRINGTON, an early 40’s middle class homemaker. Leah promised her parents she would care for her grandmother ANNIE KNOWLES, who depends on an oxygen tank and has a gas fire place in need of repair and pet Chihuahua TAXI during break.

As bodies of Book Barn patrons pile up, ROBERT MATTOT, a police officer, early 30’s, finds a letter Leah sent to one of Max’s victims left behind at a crime scene. Robert is torn between career and time spent with his 5-year-old son KYLE in Max’s first grade class. Max continues his murderous path as he gets closer to Kyle and Leah. Roberts’ investigation leads him to arrest Leah’s love interest SHANE TENNANHAUS, early 20’s, son of CARL TENNANHAUS, late 40’s, owner of The Book Barn. Max tracks down Faith on campus. Max kills the rest of the Harrington family including Megan’s boyfriend DALE HARRINGTON, early 20’s, and father TOM HARRINGTON, early 40’s. Max hunts Faith on campus. She runs into library occupied by BILL WILLIAMS, the information clerk, early 20’s, and Leah. As Max slaughters them off one by one, Leah puts up a fight and escapes.

Robert closes in on Max’s murderous trail. Leah rushes home to get Annie and herself to safety; however, Max gets their first. Max waits as Leah helps Annie get up out of her chair. The lights go out. Leah spots Max and runs to the basement. Lights turn back on. Max attempts to kill Annie but stops short when Annie remembers Max and calls out to him. Max flashes back to his childhood, then returns to the present and his murderous rage. Leah gets Annie out of the house but returns for Annie’s oxygen tank. Leah meets up with Max and struggles for her life. She escapes a second time as Max trips over Taxi and gets caught on gate of fireplace. Leah ignites a Molotov cocktail and throws it into fireplace and runs out door. Molotov cocktail bounces off carpet and does not break. Max laughs, gas hisses and we see a gas pipe. House explodes. Next day Leah, Annie and Matthew discus Max’s past. They believe he perished. Life returns to normal but evil lurks as Max sells used books at the “New York is Book Country” fair.

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