To Know A Fallen Angel: Understanding the Mind of a Sexual Predator


In this chronology of sexual secrecy, Dr. Amador recounts the life of Michael, a child who grows up in the heart of the poverty-stricken South Bronx in an apartment filled with sexual abuse and incest fueled by alcoholism and domestic violence. As the story unfolds, the sexual abuse Michael experiences results in a misunderstanding between father and son that separates them emotionally and leaves the boy with a desire to know what it would be like to have a “normal” relationship with his father. It also leads to the development of sexual predatory behavior in Michael.The reader journeys along with Michael as he escapes from an abusive household by using school as a refuge and as he manages to preserve a balanced morality until the abuse becomes overwhelming and penetrates him physically and mentally. Readers too will find themselves like Michael, trying to create a barrier in their minds between themselves and the abuse he encounters but will stop short of Michael’s mental breakdown. Through his character Michael, Dr. Amador launches his readers on a quest to understand Michael’s abuser and his developing self. Motivated by the desire to know the roots of his sexual abuse, Michael uses genealogical therapy to trace the events of his youth. Along the way he discovers a typology of the sexual predator, and identifies different types of sexual predators by classifying their methods, motivation and victimology.By identifying the type of predator that abused him, Michael discovers how he himself developed predatory behaviors and ultimately understands how the mind of one type of sexual predator functions. With the identification of the root source of his abuse, the motivations behind it and the victimology, the specific type of sexual predator is caught in the nominological net. By understanding what has prevented him from perpetuating the same abuse on others Michael discovers possible treatment methods for the sexual predator, one of the most difficult criminals to treat. In the end Michael triumphs over his abuse, the urge to perpetuate it, and reconciles with his father to develop a relationship that was once lost. A MUST READ!

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Review by Amos Lassen