Selling Water

PROJECT TITLE: Selling Water
GENRA: Romantic Comedy
TARGET MARKET: General Audience

LOGLINE: A happy-go-lucky lesbian is kicked to the curb by her partner and finds true love in the elderly as she struggles selling water on the streets of New York.


It’s a scorcher on the Upper Westside of Manhattan, New York. SERRINA MAXWELL, a mid twenties unemployed lesbian dreamer who nervously chews on straws, is kicked to the curb by her knockout bank executive girlfriend KALI WALTERS. Broke and homeless, Serrina meets HELEN GOLDEN an elderly woman addicted to scratch-off lottery tickets and TASHETTE LONG, a water peddler. Tashette teaches Serrina the art of water peddling. Hounded by police OFFICER JOHNSON the two are hauled off to jail for selling water without a permit.

Serrina and Tashette are pampered in a spa oasis and dine in a jail cell more upscale than the Taj Mahal. Upon release Serrina visits Kali who is looking to reunite. Serrina and Tashette return to the streets to sell water. Serrina crashes at Tashette’s apartment where she is a squatter. Serrina cares for Tashette’s sons MALCOLM and ALI LONG. In their attempts to avoid officer Johnson, Serrina and Tashette sell water at South Ferry, Manhattan, where they meet MEGAN FISHER, a construction worker and AL PICA aka PICASSO, a Wall Street broker with a scat fetish. Serrina applies for a job at Courtney’s father KURT FISHER’s construction site and lands a job as a Sand Hog.

Serrina, abruptly laid off, returns to selling water. Down and out, Serrina looks for answers to life, in a HOMELESS WOMAN. Serrina is fortunate to star in a new reality TV series “Sand Hogs”. Now foster mother to Tashette’s boys, Serrina’s torn between Tashette, Kali and Courtney. Serrina ultimately settles on a fourth love, Helen, the elderly woman with the lottery addiction.

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