The Neural Code

PROJECT TITLE: The Neural Code

GENRE: Suspense/Thriller-Drama

THEME: Mission

TARGET MARKET: General Audience

LOGLINE: An MIT graduate student thrust into a CIA operation must help prevent the modern-day eugenics movement from cracking the neural code to preserve the conspiracy that the code cannot be deciphered.


ELIZA BORIA, a precocious Fulbright Scholar (early 20’S) must figure out the neural code on her own as time runs out after HANS BARSKOVA (early 30’s), an undercover CIA agent posing as a teaching assistant at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is instructed to pull out of a mission that Eliza’s grandmother BERNICE FIGUEROA AKA DR. KILDE (late 60′) started when she traveled to Russia with cybernetics pioneer Norbert Weiner during his lectures on cybernetics, planting the idea of utilizing cybernetics for the advancement of eugenics to create a master race. The Soviets utilized Weiner’s technology, but did not know that they were part of a greater design and were being exploited as a prototype in the race for global control.

Ironically, the neural code has been deciphered by the United States government, and the technology to create computer-controlled humans,”cybernatons”, was tested in the Soviet Union during the Cold War with the first orbit of Sputnik in 1957. Eliza’s professor DR. JEFFREY YOUNG is concerned with cracking the neural code to gain mind control technology for a modern-day eugenics movement to ensure placement of their chosen one as the next American president. Eliza doesn’t know Hans is an agent strategically placed to guide her on a mission to help prevent Dr. Young and the eugenics movement from gaining the key to cracking the neural code. In the end, Eliza helps the American government capture the eugenics leaders and Dr. Young while preserving the conspiracy that the neural code cannot be deciphered and that technology to remotely control humans is unrealistic.