Mercy of Chance

PROJECT TITLE: Mercy of Chance
GENRE: Drama
TARGET MARKET: General Audience

LOGLINE: A spy writer goes up against resistant love ones and his boss as he brings down a bio-tech company responsible for disseminating contaminated flu vaccines that killed his wife.

This is very much in the tone of Erin Brockovich.


CHANCE ELDER (30’s) loyal espionage writer encourages his fiancé TERRI POTENZA (30’s), a faithful and sultry home health aide to get an influenza shot. WILL BRODSKY (60’s), hard nosed president of pharmaceutical giant Medcore Biotech, re-assigns JEWELS SHAW (30’s), aggressive vice president of regulatory affairs, to gain Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the new influenza vaccine Flu-immune, after she loses FDA approval for Medtoxin, Medcore’s new experimental treatment for sepsis. Terri’s sister ROSA POTENZA (30’s), an anxious Nurse, administers the flu vaccine to Terri. Terri dies of a sepsis infection.

In an attempt to prove and report on the cause of his wife’s death, Chance secures a job as a local reporter for The Herald, after interviewing with its no nonsense editor RALPH SORKIN (40’s). Chance tries to solicit help from his resistant sister-in-law Rosa and meets DR. BLAKE COHEN (30’s), a suave chiseled on-the-down-low psychologist, who has an interest in Chance. Chance also meets MARK HANNIGAN (30’s), a sick at heart parent whose varsity athlete daughter also died after getting Medcore’s influenza vaccine. Chance gets help from Blake and confronts Jewels after they find out the Flu-Immune vaccine is contaminated with bacterial toxins. Chance saves HEI LU (40’s), a meek and doughy Medcore Lab Tech, from being run over by Will who’s behind the tainted vaccine, to increase sales of their newly approved sepsis treatment Medtoxin.

With Hei’s help, Jewels gets a USB with data about the production of Flu-immune. Meanwhile Blake reveals he is lonely and tries to hook up with Chance. Rosa arrives at Chance’s home and finds Blake stayed the night. With Rosa unable to accept Chance’s relationship with Blake, friction causes the three to go their separate ways. Chance comes home to find the house ransacked as Will closes in. Thinking Blake destroyed his home Chance goes to the hospital clinic to settle the score with Blake. Jewels discovers the Flu-immune vaccine was intentionally contaminated and confronts Will. Will chases after Chance, Jewels, Blake and Rosa as they all meet up at the hospital clinic. In pursuit, Will kills Rosa as Chance, Jewels and Blake escape to Washington to present their findings at a “for cause” hearing with the FDA. At his lowest point Chance is about to throw in the towel when Blake informs him that Terri was pregnant when she died. Out for revenge, Chance and Jewels testify at the FDA “for cause” hearing at the National Safety Board Conference Center.

Chance and Blake rally the community to take down Medcore. Chance leads a protest that’s crashed by POLICE OFFICERS who bypass protest to arrest Will. As Chance’s health deteriorates, Ralph asks to meet with him for his story. Chance, Jewels and Mr. Hannigan watch as a large crane removes Medcore’s sign that’s immediately replaced with one that reads: “Health Lab Pharmaceuticals”. Deathly ill, Chance goes to Blake for help. Chance is admitted to hospital and informed that he is in desperate need of Medtoxin, the drug from the company he just took down…

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